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  Name: Sébastien Balbastre
 Coach: I am a business, career and life coach using mainly Transactional Analysis.
 Languages: Bilingual Hungarian and French. And I also work in English.
 Aim: In coaching my goal is to achieve sustainable behavioral changes in people who ask for my help. My commitment is to overcome inner blocks, help bring the unconscious onto a conscious level and to support the client in finding his/her own solutions. No judgment and strict confidentiality!
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 Advice before starting coaching:
I think coaching is about helping people to get to their full potential. Therefore I would recommend you:
- to read up on what is coaching and how it could help you: so you know what to expect;
- to choose a coach who fits you: to have trust;
- to ensure that the coach has been properly trained: anybody can claim to be coach;
- to contact me for a free intake meeting: so you can make your own decision.
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 What are the situations in which coaching can help?

Often we don't do things because we don't really think we can do them. We have a negative thinking pattern around it and we can't get unstuck. With coaching you can change how you think about things:
- Career changes – Discover new career options and possibilities, or improve your current career
- Business challenges – Develop the skills necessary for your job, for a leadership position;
- Communication skills – Build and keep healthy relationships;
- Personal Development – Improve self-awareness and self-knowledge in a broad range of life issues;
- Mental & Physical Health – Enhance your lifestyle including stress-management and health conditions.
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 What my clients said about me:
- "Good listener, Empathic and Caring".
- "Open, Patient and using a Holistic Approach".
- "Nice, Positive and Playful".
- "Objective, Motivated and believes in free will and in the fact that everything can be changed".
- "Able to see in the client what he/she is capable of (even if he/she is not aware of it), helps him/her to see the same and so to gain self-confidence".
- "Gives the tools, knowledge, and confidence required to overcome fear and face the future challenges".
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