About Me

  My name is Sébastien Balbastre. I am half French half Hungarian. I was born in Hungary, lived in different countries in Europe and ended up In France. I have a Master's Degree in IT from the Sorbonne, Paris. Since 2006 I have been back in Budapest and have become a husband and a father.


 I have worked in several companies in the IT field (small/big; public/private; in different countries) for a decade. I was consciously changing jobs in order to get less and less in touch with the systems and more and more with people, because I realized that no matter how much we work on the systems, the human factor has a much bigger impact.

I was also curious how to handle that dimension. So in all the companies I worked for, I have managed to create opportunities for delivering training. At the beginning of my career, they were of course more focused on how the tool works. But then, with time, I shifted towards how to get people learn what they want and need in the tools I was expert in. I realized that in order to be successful, the changing in people's behavior was a must.


 In 2008 I started to learn TA based coaching, because with my parents being both educators, supporting other people in growing has always been close to me. During my studies, I have attended hundreds of hours of training, coaching, supervision and therapy. I have worked a lot on my own personal development and also on how to support others. I have practiced coaching and training, and am now also an assistant trainer in the school I studied in. And actually... I never stopped, I am continuously learning.


 At present I have started to use that knowledge in training and coaching. My aim is to support people in getting to their full potential by achieving sustainable behavioral improvement. In coaching, I also work on helping people bring the unconscious onto a conscious level, because I believe this is the first step in a behavioral change.

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