People often ask what exactly coaching is. This is a fair question to ask because not only do some people know little about it, but also all professionals understand their roles differently. If you search on internet you will find articles, websites, videos, forums etc. about the differences between coaching and therapy for example. So here, I will only share how I think about these, to show you how I work and who I am.


For me coaching is in between training and therapy.


 Training/counseling delivers a standard knowledge which is the same for all participants. How you understand and use it might differ but the information you receive during the process is the same. The trainer is an expert in a topic s/he teaches.


 Therapy works in the past to promote emotional healing or resolve psychological pain, or in the present to reduce symptoms or destructive patterns. The aim is to create a context in which healing may take place. Therapists are experts in emotional pathologies.


 Coaching is in the here and now, it focuses in finding the inner resources of the client and aims to overcome blocks. It focuses on the future and sets an achievable goal with a definite time frame. The professional has a skillset to discover things about the client. The process is a partnership because the real expert on the client is the client himself/herself. The coach helps with taking the steps with a strategy to go towards what the client wants to achieve. Coaching is about discovering.

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