These rules establish the boundaries of our work together.



  • The contract is for approximately 10 sessions.
  • Before starting the coaching, the client and the coach meet for a starting session and agree on the process.
  • Coaching sessions last 60 minutes.
  • The sessions are scheduled once a week.
  • Different frequency and duration can be negotiated.
  • If you are late, the coach may need to end the session at the originally scheduled time.
  • The coaching sessions will take place live, by telephone or Skype.
  • You are welcome to call your coach between coaching sessions when you have a challenge with particularly high-stress situations.
  • Longer unscheduled calls will be considered emergency sessions (after the first 10 minutes).
  • Cancellation notice should be given by sms or email whenever possible, the day before the session.
  • Either party may end the coaching relationship at any point, for any reason. However, client and coach agree to have a final session before concluding the coaching relationship.


The role of the Coach in the process:

  • The coach will assist you to realize your own potential, and respect your right to make your own decisions.
  • Thus, results cannot be guaranteed, and the effort and energy you put into coaching will largely determine the outcomes you experience.
  • It is the primary responsibility of the coach to provide his best possible services to the client.
  • To fulfill this the coach constantly reviews and monitors results and engages in continuous professional development and supervision.
  • The coach follows the ethical and professional code of the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA Ethical Code )


The role of the Client in the process:

  • In order for the coaching to be most effective, the client must make a commitment to take an active part in the process, which may include identifying your own goals and desired outcomes, or doing “homework” assignments and follow-up activities on your own time between sessions.
  • As the client, you supply the agenda or topic of discussion for each session.
  • It is also important that you are truthful and authentic, saying what you believe and feel, sharing challenges as well as successes.



  • The client’s identity and the content of the client’s work with the coach will remain private and confidential.
  • The coach may record the sessions for use in his own supervision to ensure quality of service delivered to the client. The coach will request consent from client beforehand.
  • The recordings are available to the clients, if they ask for them. The recordings are deleted immediately after the contract ends with the client.
  • In the event that the coach believes there is clear and imminent danger to the life and physical safety of the client or others, the coach may need to disclose selected information in order to make appropriate and potentially life-saving interventions.
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