The TA practioner's ethics

What is also important as a TA coach is the ethical and professional code of the European Association for Transactional Analysis.



Level one, Basic Values – applicable to every human being and universally valid.

  1. Dignity of human beings: Each human being is of worth, regardless of sex, social position, religious creed, ethnic origin, physical or mental health, political beliefs, sexual orientation etc.
  2. Self-determination: Each individual is free to decide his or her own future within the national laws of their country, and with due consideration of the needs of self and others. Each person can learn from their experience to be in charge of him/herself, whilst taking into account the nature of the world and the freedom of others.
  3. Health: Physical and mental stability is a right of every individual, and needs to be actively safeguarded.
  4. Security: Each person needs to be able to explore and grow in an environment that enables a sense of security.
  5. Mutuality: Each person, considering that he/she lives and grows in an interpersonal world, is mutually involved with the well-being of others, developing inter-dependency with others in order to build their own and others' security.


Level two, Ethical principles – these invite cultural interpretation and implies differences in various professions.

  1. Respect for each person as a human being, aside from any specific characteristic or quality.
  2. Empowerment that emphasizes the importance of enhancing the growth of each person.
  3. Protection implies taking care of both self and others (physically, mentally, etc.), bearing in mind the uniqueness and the worth of everyone.
  4. Responsibility implies taking into account the consequences of our own actions as clients, trainers, therapists, supervisors, counselors, etc.
  5. Commitment in relationship means the development of a genuine interest in our client's well being.


Level three, Target Group to Address – indicates the people or situations that need to be considered for ethical practice.

  1. Clients
  2. Self as practitioner
  3. Trainees
  4. Colleagues
  5. Human environment/Community
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